Make the purge legalized

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Dear Donald Trump,

Most Americans have either seen or heard of the major motion pictures: "The Purge" & "The Purge: Anarchy," which are set in the near future of America. The films are centered around the 12-hour event in which all crime is legal and responsive teams such as; Law Enforcement, Ambulance, Fire Department, and other factions are to remain unresponsive to the public. At first, an idea such as this to come to reality sounds rather preposterous and barbaric among most people, it may go against the safety this nation promises, it may seem inhumane to even consider such an event to commence, but keep an open-mind and look at the facts behind the reasoning for the The Purge to engage.

Overall, the crime rate has taken a slow decline in the past few years, but the possibility of absolutely eradicating the crime rate could be achieved through The Annual Purge. The amount of Americans searching for jobs to earn minimum wage, at even that, is becoming an epidemic: Allowing the Purge could create a great amount of open slots for jobs. The nation's population could rise to the point of low resources for Americans, allowing the Purge could slow down the growth before it launches.

We often hear or read upon stories of unthinkable violence and rage built up inside of humans to cause cruel acts to one another. An Annual Purge could allow the frustration, anger, bitterness, and most of all: cleanse the souls of the Purgers by releasing anger in a rightful manner. Imagine a world with a crime rate of ZERO, imagine a world where there is nothing, but peace until the day of the Purge. All of this can become a reality with the commencement of The Great Annual Purge.

Think of all the good the Purge does for us.

Your Fellow American.