Make Leon Day a National Holiday

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Christmas is the most universally celebrated event on the calendar. It is marked by both Believers and the Godless.

But we must wait far too long to celebrate it.

That is why for centuries many have advanced everything from advent calendars to countdown markers to track the time until they can make merry in their chosen way.

This lonely annual sojourn can be made less painful by marking June 24th and June 25th -- unofficially known as Leon Day (Leon is NOEL spelled backwards) -- the official halfway mark to Christmas.

These days can be marked as the jolly hump days to Christmas with the Declaration of a new National Holiday known officially as LEON DAY. 

Truly this is day for us all. For those who love Christmas, it is a fitting intro to Christmas in July. For those who hate Christmas, it is a subtle reminder that Christmas Creep season is soon upon us (officially August 1st, according to the media every year). 

Whether you celebrate Christmas with a Nativity -- or with a beer-can tower erected on the grounds of some state capitol -- you too can get behind the cheery movement to make LEON DAY universal (and paid). SIGN THE PETITION.