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make it illegal/fine for hotels and vacation rental businesses that don't allow pets

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For over 15 yrs now I've not had a beach vacation or any other vacation because all pet friendly places are always booked up, or the place I want to go does not allow pets. There are plenty of people who feel the same whose pets are well trained, flea free or on flea meds, and don't use the house as a bathroom. More and more people every yr find it increasingly harder to find pet friendly rentals, some of those people who like me feel as if it isn't a vacation with out their pet just decide not to go on vacation. I think hotels (No pet) policies need to go and need a update to existing policies pertaining to pets. 

1: Pets MUST be allowed in ALL vacation rentals owned by real estate companies hotel companies with the exception of a (Pet free rooms for pet allergy sufferers) 

2: No pets hang out in the lobby. For obvious reasons (Pet allergy sufferers) and because breakfast is served in lobbys and no one wants pets around their food even most pet owners.

3: Provide vet proof the dog does not have any contagious illness that other dogs can catch proof of shots and rabies shot, dog must be well trained well socialized with people and other dogs and on leash at all times. Also provide proof of any kind of Flea meds weather prescription or otherwise by receipt or showing the flea meds and a note from a groomer less then 15 days old saying the dog has had a bath or flea dip. If these proofs can't be provided business should have a right to refuse to allow the pet. Dog must be trained to go out side and must not be spot markers. (Okay to fine people who bring a dog that marks spots) 

4: Should be illegal to charge pet fees or pet security deposits, any places that do should be fined 2x the amount of the fee they charged. It should only be okay to charge a fee if the pet destroys something such as chewing scratching breaking things (Getting fur on the carpet shouldn't count) Dogs being left alone in a hotel room should be permitted only if the dog is in a crate and does not disturb anyone by howling and barking for over 10 mins after owner is gone and dog can't cause a disturbance past 9PM. There should be pet dedicated floors notably first few bottom floors so animal haters or allergy sufferers can have their own floor. If a pet friendly floor is booked and the booker doesn't have a pet they should be informed that it is a pet friendly floor.  

5: Places rented privately by a home owner who still lives in the home while renting should be excluded Air bnb included.

6: This law should apply to apartments where one lives If a pet owner wants to live in a apartment or in a HOA it should be illegal to not allow any kind of pet dogs, cats reptiles rodents exc HOAs should be fined $2500-$5000 for harassing pet owners over petty things, or not allowing a pet owner to move in or own a pet of any kind. The law should come down hard on HOAs when it comes to pets because HOAs tend to think they are above the law, and reporting ANTI pet HOAs should be added to the fair housing act, giving pet owners A ACTUAL PERSON to make a complaint to about ANTI pet HOAs and not a answering machine.

7: Make maid service before and after mandatory and give maids a raise since they might be working longer. 

8: If dog shows OBVIOUS aggression to other dogs more then once hotels have a right to do something, OBVIOUS means actually being aggressive not assuming the dog is aggressive because its big or is a breed you don't like.

9: GET RID OF DOG BREED BANS there is NO such thing as a dangerous dog, only bad owners.

10: there should be a 2 pet limit for hotels, and for full home rentals 3 dog limit and poop must be picked up and weight limits on pets should also be banned.

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