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Make America Organic Again

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Dear Mr. President,

Perhaps you've heard this expression; "At one time all food was organic".It's true. At one time in history Americans produced foods that had no chemicals and no modifications. It worked quite well.

Mixing greed with science brought about new products and methods which, at first, seemed promising. The ideas increased profits and seemed as if they were solving problems. Time and time again it was found (but rarely reported) that these new products did more harm than good. This was done at the expense of of consumers. Toxic pesticides and herbicides. Profits increased while people suffered. Add to these the preservatives, artifical colors and flavors, especially MSG, Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup, sugars - the poisonings of our country.

Fast forward to the promise of better foods through genetic modification or GMO foods. While being an amazing endeavor, GMO foods are treated like poison by the human body. Although pleasing to the senses, the human body rejects such invaders. Over time the repeated exposure/rejection cycle leads to illness, disease, and premature death. The evidence of such physical response has been, for the most part, hidden from consumers. Again, profits increased while people suffered.

Greed and corruption has inundated our great country, especially in the area of the foods we eat. Lobbyists have convinced policy makers time and time again to make decisions which hurt our citizens. Profits increased, people suffered.

I understand that your wife, Mrs. Trump, has experienced the benefits of switching to organic foods first hand, especially in regards to your son, Barron. Please help all of America to be on the same boat. America is legally consuming at least over 20 food related things (additives, GMO's, poisons, etcetera) which are banned from use in many other countries. These countries know the truth. Much of America knows the truth. We need these poisons to be removed from the American diet else the motto might as well be (to the joy of big pharma, GMO manufacturers, etc) , "Make America Sicker".

In closing, please, Mr. President, help Make America Organic Again.


Chris Cavallaro, representative of the American fabric.

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