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Lunch Shaming Needs to Be Banned in the United States

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Lunch shaming occurs when a student is singled out for not being able to afford a hot meal at lunch. Because they cannot afford the meal, it is often taken away from them, and they are a given an unhealthy meal. In some cases, the student may be given a stamp that says "I need lunch money".When a child is lunch shamed, they are effected more than their parents. The student is often bullied by peers. They may even be forced to clean tables in front of their peers in order to receive a "meal" that would not sustain them for an entire day. An example of the "meal" would include a cheese sandwich, which is basically just cheese and bread. Because the child is not well fed, chances are that it will affect their behavior at school. The student may feel isolated, and may react harshly towards people because of how they are treated. 

In order to stop lunch shaming across the country, the government needs to take action. The only state that has created a law that bans lunch shaming is New Mexico. If the entire country bans lunch shaming, students would grow up, knowing it is not their fault that their parents cannot afford their lunch. They will know that they should not be bullied and starved because they don't have enough money. The school would not be able to make the students clean tables because they are to poor to eat. in the long run, the student's life will be better at school than it's current state. What are you going to do about how students are being treated because of their parent's actions?


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