Lower The Voting Age to 16 In California

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Our country has seen change initiated by young people throughout American History.  We have seen young people protest the Vietnam War, fight for Civil Rights, and now we see them fight the NRA and ask for sensible gun laws.  Many of these people are students in high school.  They are told by some that they are young and should stay out of politics, and are told by others that they are the future.  It is true that young people are the future, but young people are also right now.  High school students have been alive long enough to watch our country change over the years.  Thy have lived long enough to see mass shootings become a common occasion.  What better way for them to change the country that they live in than to let them vote.  There are many students who want to affect the country they live in and there are many issues that they feel they should have a say in.  People tell students their voices are heard when they have no say in the country they live in.  Let's change that in California and hopefully eventually change it for the whole country.  Let's lower the limit to 16!

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