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LFCMS Period 3: The Truth Behind the DAPL-Water is Life

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The Truth Behind The DAPL

Oil is a basic necessity for the human race to this day. However, how far would one go to receive the oil? Hundreds of years ago, the Native Americans were stripped of their land and now in the 21st century they have little to no reservations to practice their rituals and keep their heritage. Cold-blooded politicians are beginning to create a pipeline for oil right through the Native Americans’ territory. Is there any other solution? An effective solution would be to build a protective barrier around the pipeline in the event of a leak. Making a barrier would benefit both sides because it will prevent an oil spill on the native territory which is what the people residing in the reservations are fearing. Additionally, the barrier would contain oil that is spilled and would benefit the companies investing in DAPL. Also less people would be protesting over the issue because it won't destroy native territory or harm them in any way. Clearly, if one looks at both sides of this issue, making a barrier will satisfy both arguments.

Water is Life

The Dakota Pipeline is a major threat to the water sources of many people that are at risk. The percentage of oil spills for the pipeline is about 6.25%, so by using a barrier to protect the pipeline, the probability of a spill would decrease. To add on, building a barrier would prohibit the possibility of our water getting contaminated. In the end, “water is life” and it is a fundamental necessity for all humans to survive. If the pipeline is built with the barrier, there would be more jobs for people, gas prices would decrease, and the US wouldn’t need to buy oil from other countries.

With the barrier across the Dakota pipeline, the risk of losing homes, the amount of worried people, and protesting will decrease. This also benefits the people who invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline because less oil will be spilled and wasted. Investors will get more profit, and everyone will be satisfied. The pipeline would bring in a lot of oil and the US would be more self reliant on our energy sources. In the end, building a barrier would make most protestors and people that are for the pipeline content.   

Even though building a barrier will cost more money, it will save more money from leaking. So, as time passes, more money will be made than money that is being used. Not only will creating the barrier help the Native Americans sustain a better life, but this will also help the companies from using too much money. The economy will grow from the oil and we will preserve the Native American land. Not only that, the oil prices will go down and we will be less dependent on international imports. If this oil line protection is built and oil is transported through, the Missouri river will not be at risk of being poisoned. This solution prevents a leak so the main water source of the area can remain protected. This is why we need to use a barrier for the protection of natural resources. We can get the benefits of the oil and not have the risk of an enormous catastrophe. You can sign our petition and have a chance to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

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