Let's get rid of Scott Pruitt - Head of the EPA

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Scott Pruitt is actively trying to destroy America. It is the duty of the President to protect the United States and all her citizens from threats both foreign and domestic. Scott Pruitt is quickly proving to be one of the largest threats to national security during his tenure at the EPA.

He has stolen and misappropriated valuable tax payer money to spend on wasteful personal comforts and whims such as:

- unnecessary charted flights and air travel

- $100,000 a month chartered aircraft membership

- $70,000 on two desks (yes TWO desks), one of which is bulletproof

- $43,000 on soundproof security booth 

- requesting 24/7 security detail and bulletproof windows

- using flashing lights and sirens to circumvent traffic in normal rush hour

- spent $1500 on 12 customized fountain pens from a Washington jewelry store

Other decisions he has made while at the EPA:

- fired, demoted, unreasonably punished staff members within the EPA that disagrees with him

- asking security detail and other important employees to perform menial running errands and picking up his dry cleaning instead of performing their official duties

- has spent time, which should be spent at the agency, in Morocco to sell natural gas which is not only a waste of tax payer money but also a conflict of interest

- rented condos from known oil industry lobbyist including Vicki and Steven Hart, which is another conflict of interest, waste of tax payer money, and evidence of corruption

- has hired corrupt Oklahoma bankers, including Albert Kelly, who were under investigation by the FDIC and declared unfit to serve while paying them massive salaries of up to $172,000 per a year

- spearheaded the decision at the EPA so now the agency will no longer look at air, water or ground contaminants when determining the health and safety risks of potentially toxic chemicals

And lastly, because of his many ethic violations, 39 senate and over a 130 house members have called for him to resign

If you want to learn more about him and everything he has done while head of the EPA please see the links below:




He is a complete and utter failure at doing his job as head of the EPA, an agency created to protect the American people from industrial toxins, pollution, and environmental disaster. He has not only willfully ignored his duties but has actively put Americans in danger through his encouragement of and collaboration with parties known to pollute and poison the precious natural resources vital to sustaining life in this country.

Help us Donald Trump, you're our only hope.