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Less or No Homework

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Everyday students get homework. Everyday students sleep and everyday students do extracurricular activities. Now ask yourself what are the two most important items. Many might say sleep and homework, but it isn't and it shouldn't. It should be sleep and extracurricular activities. Why you might ask and here is why. You can be a star student with amazing grades and you may have never gotten in trouble, but another thing many colleges look for is extracurricular activities and if you don't have them that makes things hard for you. However, luckly according to 6/10 people partake in out of school activities. But where am I getting to? After people come home from all there activities when they want to relax and spend time with family when instead they are burdened with homework. Due, to this people have to stay up late losing sleep which is very unhealthy. According to the national sleep foundation teens are supposed to get about 8-10 hours of sleep, but only 15 percent get 8 1/2. And according to Time Magazine one major reason teens don't get enough sleep is because of homework. You also have to accomodate to the teen. As a teen and with many many peers who share the same opinion I know, if I don't want to do something but I have to you do it but just for the sake of. You don't really learn anything from it. In all homework is just something that is a burden and is depriving billions of teens from sleep and don't say that children shouldn't do other activities if it comes in way of school work because homework isn't helping mostly any teen, at least physically. I can at least say that getting sleep is very important and homework doesn't help at all. 

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