Legal action against Idiots who seek to ban inanimate objects!

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I would like to see a Common Sense Bill put in place in terms of protecting our rights to own inanimate objects, totally incapable of causing harm on their own, via prosecution if necessary of those who try to stomp on our 2nd amendment rights. As a taxpayer and supporter of our 2nd ammendment I believe it’s time that people be made to understand that EVIL exists in PEOPLE and NOT in guns, high capacity magazines etc.. and that NO AMOUNT OF BANNING will protect you or I from these evil people. Actually, arming more ppl is the better answer, as evil people are born daily. I’d also like to offer that the idiots pushing for gun bans are the same ones texting and driving, allowing their children to text and drive etc.. killing thousands of people a year. Point being, if we begin banning inanimate objects via the “death or harm count” resulting from said inanimate objects, then cell phones are going to have to go! Alcohol is going to have to go! Stupidity will also need to be banned! 

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