Laws in Michigan 2 change about what is not acceptable on line towards preteens on Recolor

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Let me start from the beginning . I am a member on a coloring app called recolor app for the past two years. When I first joined the app there was no chat, and in the beginning you could up load as many pictures as your heart desired, after a while there must of been an up date that only aloud 10 pictures a day to color and to upload, at the start of this game I joined I did not know what the object of the game was, after the first up date , there was chat added to the photos, a bunch of women started to attack me, calling me all sorts of names like nasty cheater, and so on as I did not no the rules changed to ten, because no one spoke to me like a lady and explained in a nice manor I kept doing it, I also did not no that the object of the app was to gain likes for each photo which moved you up a leader board to number one spot, anyway there was one women in particular, user name mom of an angle , she started calling me very nasty words, like fat, ugly a monster, and from her words I realized she was stalking me on the net, long before the chat went on the app. As she stole all my photos from my face book account and degraded me on all my photo and comments on Face book, at the time she attacked me, I shut face book down over three weeks before, so that's how I know how long she was stalking me for,anyway she started up loading my photo and laughing at me and all her followers joins in the degrading of me and my art and all shared it reporting my art, this women had 2000 followers , she that how hard she made my experience on the app , this women had an eye icon as a profile picture, I told her to stop hiding her ugly head behind an eye and show your self, she yelled at me and said her dead son was in the eye, I had and iPhone 4 you can not see in the eye, I quickly said sorry, but she did not accept and she went back to her followers and lied and said I picked of her and her dead child, she got many kids and followers to hate me and they all ganged up and got me bared off the app, I was very sad as I was innocent and I paid a lot for the app. I came back begging people to believe me but no one would, so they ganged up and got me barred, I was crying because I was innocent, then I came back as opal rose, and change my style of art, and I started to watch her, even though I was gone for three months she was still talking ill of me, using my name to gain attention, and with the attention she was gaining more likes, to move to number one, as I was watching her, I started to notice a pattern, she was using the death of her son to gain likes from the soft hearted women that also had a lose, and I noticed she was getting kids to put likes on all her photo which was over 1000 . A day, I also notice that she was falsed kids into choosing between her or me, she also was asking kids for there age, they area of home, also stating she wish they can come to her home, so she can do there make up teach them about boys, and offered to adopt them, offer one a cat,

After a while this women caught me, but then by luck the tables started to turn one women asked me to show here the proof that I was innocent, I did she was shocked then one dark lady ask for my proof and she was shocked, then the first lady past my proof to a bunch of women then all hell broke loose as many women turned out that they knew I was innocent but was in fear of taking a stand because the recolor app is there life saver as they all suffer medical problems and needed to app for peace off mind, then some said sorry to me, and many e-mail recolor and stated I was innocent, and recolor said sorry and let me back on, but now I would like to put aside what I have suffered at the hands of this women, and talk about what is still going on with her actions against kids and using me name in all of this,

This women now the tables got turn was barred from the app, but still get back in , under different names, one as a man Russell talking to kids as a man, when I outed her she was shut down, then as a pregnant women, and many other names, because she got shut she e-mail me over 400 email's every 3 minutes, saying stuff like my mum should off swallowed and not make me born, and teasing me that she back on recolor come find her,

But what she did was come back as me, many times, and as me she threaten people and kids, telling kids, if they talk to her, I would report the kids to recolor and get them booted off, i had no idea there was a bunch of kids in fear off me, and people started blocking me left and right, then i was pointed out, there 5 accounts in my name,with my photo 

now i am mad, and i started watching over the kids to protect them , not as a spy as a protector, i notice a kid age 13 that was a bit off, i worked it out that it was this women age 50, that was playing as a child, to be in contact with preteens, when i outed her, so many kids was left devastated and confused, one child was so distort i stayed on the app for 6 hours talking to her while her family was at work, not knowing this women was watching our conversation, where she them played as as man to torment this child,

then to top it off this women befriended a known pedophile in the app that was being investigated by recolor, she befriended him as a young girl and gave him photos of a young girl pretending it was her in return for his help to attack me, and he did, then this women lied to the police and said that recolor asked her to help catch that guy, and she was mad that recolor did not thank her, when i have proof she befriended him to attack me, and this week to top it off, she rubbed period blood all over her arms and legs, came back onto recolor, got a bunch of kids together and told them if they talk to me ,Sapphire Jader she would cut her wrist and die, and once again kids was blocking and attacking me, and they was sending this women phone numbers to self help lines, but i knew the blood was fake

my delimoure is i called Michigan police in ludington and they inform me that there was no crime commited, how is it possible that a 50 year old women begs kids for there facebook there phone numbers there photo, black mails them , there kids shacking in there boots, even adults are in fear of this women, how is it her actions towards kids in not a crime in this state

I have done my best , by contacting this women husband her daughter and her family members showing them proof of her actions, but some how i keep coming of as the bad one, i am in Australia and i can find 5 kids in Usa, imagine if i was a pedophile in Michigan how easy they can get to these kids   I am a mum of two girls and i love to see kids on recolor just knowing there on the app showing there art and there not one the streets it makes my heart happy, 

but come on USA, surly i can"t be the only one that can see this situation may lead to the death of a child, and it not appropriate 

















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