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Kevin Redds Freedom

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Kevin Redd was wrongfully convicted of crimes that he was not involved in at all , His  50 to life sentence is taking a direct toll on him and his family and Friends he has been in prison for 24 years and counting.He remains a victim of crimes by staying in prison and being held responsible for a crime he never commited. As a young man growing up in the Bronx NY he grew up with Family and putting God first . As time went on he was faced with troubles in his life As with many of us , life has a way of teaching you lessons , As Kevin Matured so did his ability to know and understand lifes right and wrongs. He  was around family all his childhood life and although many of his friends were doing things to survive  from poverty , he was able to deter from being in the streets and away from the very people that lied and told false truths against him. He was denied his witnesses at trial by the corrupt DA office then. Facts that are relevant now but never revealed then are readily available to the DA and other organizations that should need them Now that can without a doubt prove hus innocence  ,  He was not arrested at the crime scene, He was never in any confrontation with the victims of the very crime he was convicted of , He was convicted by liars and a corrupt system and group of people arrested for another crime at that time that they did commit Months after the crime , he was accused of being a part of and a reduced sentence for all the people involved directly with the crime itself. They recieve minimal time under 5years and he received 50 years to life while the system bent all of the laws they could to convict my husband .Everyone involved.with this crime and the lives of everyone around him. Family as well as Friends changed forever . I am asking for Help in saving his life and by signing this petition you just may contribute to his life being giving back to Him and his family .25 years of prison under unjust facts and truths can take a toll on anyone. I need everyones help and Strength  to be a force to Serve up my husbands Truth and Freedom .Thank you for Caring God is Amazing abd shall lift this unjust sentence from Our Lives with everyones help and Courage his conviction shall be Reversed.


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