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Keep Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

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Keeping the Holy City of Jerusalem to the Jewish religion and to be Israel's capital. It sounds selfish, but it really isn't. Since back in religious times, Muslims, Christians, and Jews. All lived together in harmony, but slowly. They left, to see other lands to pursue religious prosperity. But the Jews stayed. The reason it is called the Jewish state is that if the other people had stayed, and not just came because of people who tried wiping out the Jews it could be a legitimate place for all to live. Since they all rightfully deserve it. In the United Nations, around 30 countries won't even conduct business with Israel. Which shows the lack of open-mindedness and empathy people have just because of their difference in belief. There are 14 Arab countries in the Middle East. And only 1 Jewish country. Think about it this way, if it was 14 vs 1 in a football game, who would win? All the Jews want is one state for them. The Palestinian Authority has hypnotized their people into hating Israel, and there are amazing people in the Palestinian territories don't get me wrong. Israel would be happy to take those lovely people in if they wanted to. But the other disrespectful, extremists, shouldn't have their own country, where they can terrorize their citizens and illegally take grasp of their citizen's money. If that's what the world wants to promote! But Israel has never bombed another country first. Israel has a defense force. To defend it's great citizens, unlike many other countries who decide to take advantage of their power and hurt others, first. We need these world leaders to decide, is one country claiming it's historical capital as it's own, not fair? Or giving it to people whose government is in shambles, fair. It's a fairly easy option here. 

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