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Justice Now for Lynching Victim Richard Collins, III

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The recent murder of Richard Collins, III, at the University of Maryland College Park, and countless other acts of  racial hatred, ethnic violence, and  religioius bigotry threaten become a major social problem with far greater consequences than anyone can forsee. Many activists, civil libertarians, faith leaders, and human rights defenders pasisonately believe that the presidential campaign and subsequent electoral victory of Donald J. Trump's as the 45th President of the United States has stoked the fires of racial, class, and religious hatred in America, and there is a sense that the present administration with its links to Alt-Right groups and other entities with well-documented evidence of harboring extreme racist views that are fueling the rise of hate crimes. Whereas the President has been swift to criticize human rights problems abroad in Syria, the chief executive, his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Department of State Secretary Rex W. Tillerson, and  White House Advisor Steve Bannon have a "good old boy" understanding of racial relations, human rights, and social justice that is bad for America. Anyone able to read mainstream and alternative media are seeing that tensions are rising and all steps to prevent mass social unrest in reaction to unbearable circumstances. President Trump must lead on the issues of promoting domestic peace among all Americans, or be viewed as someone lacking in proper ethics, values, and beliefs necessary to lead a diverse nation of 320 million people. If something is not done immediately to bring various communities and stakeholders to the table to diminish real and/or imagined tensions, episodes of discrimination, or percieved notions that the highest office holder in the country endorses racism and racial violence, America will have suffer individual acts and large-scale communal acts of  violence. The President must empanel a special committee to work with ethnic, faith-based, business, civic, community grass roots, first responders, academics, and civil society leaders to find a means for there to be a means to dialogue and seek common ground versus hating and destroying one another. Furthermore, the mass incarceration agenda of Attorney General Sessions alongside draconian Blue Lives Matter Laws along with an insensitive budget that has the optics that the Preident does not care about people who are poor and down on their luck greatly increases the likelihood of civil unrest. President Trump needs a Racism Czar--not a passive Ben Carson minority--who can property address the nation on behalf of the president and advise the chief executive on the best means to promote national unity. The African Americans and others see instances such as the Maryland States Attorney Angela Alsobrroks  refusing to call the murder of Richard Collins, III a hate crime as a systemic retreat of state, federal, and local government of being willing to champion the rule of law and justice for all people. America from 1961 to 1971  endured anational trial by ordeal as hundreds of urban cities burned. There is no way to Make America Great again" if the swamp of racism is fed by the effluvia of federal and state indifference, aggressive apathy,  benign neglect, denial, dismissal, passive  or tacit approval of intolerance as the crutch of victims of structural and systematic injustice. Mr. President lead America forward away from hatred and the denial of the existence of racial hatred that is a cancerous growth that threatens the longevity of the United States. Please make fighting racial terrorism part of making America safe and secure. 

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