Justice for Asifa

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This whole petition is about the recent case that has happened in India. An 8 year old girl has been brutally gang raped and killed in a holy place. Do you think that this small kid deserves to see all of this at a very young age?

We have to stop this immediately before another one falls into the trap. We need justice for Asifa! Take a minute to think the amount of pain she has to go through at that moment. Would you keep quiet if this cycle hits your daughter, girlfriend or even anyone who is related to you?

So let’s join hands together and stop this cruel act . Let the law teach them a lesson and make sure that this would be the final child rape case in India. Let’s keep a full stop to this dirty cases and protect our womanhood. Let’s make this world a safer place for our own womanhood. Till then we have to keep fighting and let the momentum going. Do this for your daughter , girlfriend or anyone who is related and keep them safe. Things would change if we make an effort so please sign up this petition.

Hope these criminals get punished for their cruel act and be behind the bars. Let justice make a way. May Asifa rest in peace and let our prayers be with her and her family always. Do sign up this petition for the younger generation’s safety and support us. Let us not make another innocent soul to be played off. Help me support this throughout the journey and thank you.

- Anything is possible if you have got enough nerve ( J.K Rowling)