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Investigate California Legislature for corruption

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This is a petition to request that President Donald J. Trump direct the DOJ to investigate the entire California State Legislature under the RICO act.

For too long has this state has been under the corrupt thumb of the state legislature and their ever increased spending and taxing. They have continued to put illegal aliens interest above those of the citizens of the United States and the Citizens of the State of California.

They continually provide services meant for American Citizens to illegals and deny elderly and American citizens the same opportunity.

They continue to inappropriately raise our taxes for their failed budgets and overspending to unions that we the people never asked for.

They unfairly have passed laws to grant illegal aliens legal documents and automatically registering them to vote in the state of California.

The politicians of the state of California ignore the law of the land by ignoring the Constitution of the United States. They have openly defied the Laws of the Federal Government when it comes to immigration.

It is time to put a stop to this and we the people have no recourse left to us short of a state revolution. The politicians have so rigged the state of California against the people of the United States and the State of California we can no longer have fair treatment.

We The People of the State of California


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