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#InTRUMPigenceQuotient: A Challenge, and a Pledge

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In good faith and seriousness, I – the signee of this petition – swear to loyally and faithfully support the Republican Party for the next ten years after the obligations laid out in the following petition bear fruit:

Donald John Trump, Sr., the 45th President of the United States of America, will live up to his word given in his October 10th, 2017 interview with Forbes magazine in which he challenged Rex Wayne Tillerson, the 69th Secretary of State of the United States of America, to an Intelligence Quotient Test with the bet that Trump himself would have the higher score.

Should this test occur under controlled, reputable, and public conditions; and should President Trump make good on his claim to victory over Tillerson with the test filmed for its duration and the results displayed openly at the end, with no tampering or shenanigans or any violations of the terms set by the reputable and neutral test-givers; the possible outcomes to the United States of America shall only be good. To wit: a hugely embarrassing public feud between public officials, who're supposed to be busy working for Our Citizenry, will be squashed; a longtime Trumpian plank – not just for his political career, but his entire sojourn as a tabloider – will be delivered on publicly; either one of the two battered, beleaguered political parties of these United States shall experience a rejuvenation while their rivals endure a potentially fatal blow to their reputations.

The sticking point is "controlled, reputable, and public conditions". The conductors and organizers of the test must have no prior connections to Trump, Tillerson, nor any person nor organization in which a reasonable man could say cannot remain fair and neutral as they'd be for ordinary testees. The testees must perform the test to the best of their abilities, and any instance of cheating from a party shall invalidate the entire affair. The conductors and organizers of the test must be reputable personally and professionally; anyone on Newgrounds in 2003 could find their I.Q. was over 120 by clicking on the right advertisement, and this challenge is already enough of a disgrace to humanity should a reputable testing process be used.

Either the Grand Ol' Party's current leader is the man of intelligence he says he is, and the display of such can be used to assuage the tens of millions of American citizens, previously convinced he had the I.Q. of a low-functioning autistic with untreated attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, that there was never need to worry about his apparent stupidity: or President Trump will reveal himself a delusional fraudster at the highest and least-ambiguous manner possible, and every potential act of danger such an unintelligent man could potentially inflict upon the Earth will be undercut by said self-inflicted humiliation.

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O.R. Welles, the current nobody and aspiring somebody who created this petition, shall explain his motives in greater detail on his website at He sincerely hopes to be wrong about everything, and that Mr. President has an I.Q. 30 points higher than he expects.

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