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A young woman, a first time offender, convicted in 2004 of manufacturing and selling methamphetamine ,was sentenced to life in prison. The laws have changed and if she were convicted today ,she would have already been released from prison . Please read her story and if you agree that Tiffany deserves a second chance to have a normal, healthy life. Tiffany has applied for clemency (Pardon) from President Trump. Please sign this petition showing your support of allowing her to re-enter society .

                       Tiffany's Story 

My name is Tiffany Arnold. I am 47 years old and am currently residing at FCI Tallahassee where I have been incarcerated since 2004. I was convicted of conspiracy to manufacture 45 grams of methamphetamine, distribution of a mixture containing methamphetamine, and possession of chemicals and equipment to manufacture methamphetamine . When I was arrested for the above charges and lodged in the Whitley County jail, a fellow inmate became very ill and ultimately died from hypertension and atherosclerosis heart disease and morbid obesity and methamphetamine toxicity. My sentence was enhanced to a life sentence for this death; but, I was never charged or convicted of the crime. Jury instructions were that I only had to be found guilty of the distribution charge for the enhancement to be added.

During my trial there was testimony of a severe drug culture inside of the jail, even before I came to be an inmate there. On June 14, 2007 a Grand Jury charged Jerry Taylor, the Whitley County Jailer during this incident with embezzlement, forging employees names on payroll checks, stealing more than $2,500.00, and trafficking in pain killers as well as other prescription medications to inmates within the jail. They also indicted his son , Jerry Allen Taylor, with trafficking drugs inside the jail. This distribution of narcotics led to the closing of the jail for some time while authorities regained control of the situation.

Jason O'Bannon, one of my arresting officers, promised that he would get the testimony that he wanted from his witnesses in my trial, even if they had to lie. This statement was recorded and brought up in my trial.  He was convicted in 2005 of persuading witnesses to lie to a Federal Grand Jury and served a year in prison. The Sheriff of Whitley County, Lawrence Hodge, was convicted of extortion, distributing drugs, and money laundering. He was sentenced to 15 years in a Federal Prison. A segment on 60 Minutes was aired on the level of corruption in this small County. However, none of these facts were addressed in my trial or any court since then. 

My enhancement falls under a new Supreme Court decision, Barrage vs. United States, that clarifies that if a "death results", it has to be the sole cause and not just a contributory cause of the death. The decision was rendered too late for me since it was not made retroactive; but, if I were tried today with the same offense worth the same facts, the court would not be able to impose the same sentence. 

To understand my situation, you first need to know how my life spiraled with my addiction to methamphetamine. I was once a productive citizen, a loving mother, and wife. I was working my way through college, attained an Associates Degree and working towards my Bachelor's. I went from a student with a bright future and many goals, to meeting the wrong man and getting involved in a volatile relationship and becoming addicted to methamphetamine. I cannot deny that I made some terrible decisions in my life and for that I take complete responsibility and know that I deserved some amount of time. But since I have been incarcerated I have taken every opportunity to better myself. I have taken many women's issues classes through Psychology, several vocational and drug education classes and am currently enrolled in Office Management Apprenticeship. I also teach several Recreational classes helping others to do positive things with their time. I have maintained close contact with my family who supports me every step of the way, and I know that if given the chance, I could once again be a positive influence on my family and community. 

My children have grown up without their mother, and I have a grandson who knows me only through visitation. My mother and father are getting older and they all need me at home. Society will not benefit from me being incarcerated for the rest of my natural life. I have applied for Clemency and I am asking for your help in supporting my cause. 



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