Holiday for Billy Graham

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Since this petition has started, we've grown to over 116,000 supporters in less than 2 weeks. Rev. Graham was an inspiration to many people, and led many, many more to Christ. This country, and this world needs Christ more than ever. Take some time and read through the messages people left for our cause, and I hope you will be moved as I was to see the many positive impacts Mr. Graham had on people. We still have an uphill battle. We've caught a lot of backlash from people against this cause. In reading some emails sent by people against this, I never realized just how bad this world needs God. People say we need separation of Church and State, yet we celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25th, do they want to take that away? This holiday is for a man that made a positive impact on so many, and gave his life to serving God. I'm sure he wouldn't want any credit as he seemed to be a humble man. But if this holiday in Billy Graham's honor could make America pause and think about how he's influenced so many, and look to Jesus for one day, one minute, and reflect on what the Lord has blessed us with....I'm Sure Reverend Graham would be OK with it. So please share, and help however you can as we make one last push to get this rolling. Let's show Capitol Hill, let's show America, let's show the world that Christians are standing up for what we believe in! Thank you, and God Bless Kyle

Kyle Siler
4 years ago