Help the 12 Tribes of Israel Receive REPARATIONS

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Are you tired of being broke? Poor and In dire need of EVERYTHING? Let's get 2Million signatures and let's make this reach every sector of the government so that our reparations may be established. This is for the 12 Tribes of Israel ONLY! The "Jews" get reparations for their "oppression". The Whites just have automatic privileges and the Native Indians which are our people from the tribe of Gad, receive reparations. Now is your time to stand for something you really believe in! Trump says let's make America Great again!! I say let's take our land back, or get the money that they give us and move to Israel so these Edomites can have Their Babylon and Sodom and Gomorrah! If you want to make a change, or if you want to be apart of something big, this is your opportunity! Aren't you tired of seeing the Daughters and Sons of Zion, raped, pillaged, and killed? This country is CLEARLY telling you who and what they favor and our NIGGER asses are definitely the least favorite! But we are Thd Children of Israel, so it is best that we keep the commandments and prepare for the return of Hamasyach. Until he returns, let's prepare by coming together in agreement and receiving what's RIGHTFULLY ours! Remember he that leadeth in captivity, goeth in to captivity. Your time is coming Esau! 






Barak Ahthah. Shalam

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