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Help keep historic monuments from being destroyed.

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  As an American patriot, that has perpetual pride in our great nation, I can honestly say that I am alarmed that the history of the country that I am so proud of to call home is in peril. With monuments that hold unmeasurable history being thrown away, I fear that key historical events that are sketched into our history books will be lost forever. "Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it", a quote from George Santayana bluntly explains what will happen to our future generations if we carelessly remove history from our archives.

  With important monuments such as a General Lee statue in Charlottesville being threatened to be taken down, four monuments that were taken down over night in Baltimore Maryland, and rumors of memorials that display principal figures being torn down proves that the history of our country is in danger. If a city or country decides that a statue or monument should be taken down, the district should implement a plan to relocate the historical relic to an ideal setting such as a museum, park, or cemetery. We should work together to keep the history, tradition, and pride of our red, white, and blue. We as a nation, need to understand the importance of preserving our history.

  Any damage that is done by an individual, group, or government official to historical monuments should be held accountable for their carelessness and aggressive actions and be prosecuted as such.

 With this important matter, we as a whole nation; not as a city, county, district, or state, but as a country need to address this appropriately with corrective action and realize the importance of preserving our nations history.  

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