Protect and Defend the Innocent at Schools

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Lessen School Shootings and create a High Deterrent:

  1. Each school train 10 to 20 teachers in pistol shooting courses, and have background checks.
  2. In their class have a small safe, containing a pistol. Each pistol will have an electronic sensor, that allows only the teacher can fire the gun. Bulletproof vest nearby in a locked locker.
  3. Upon only code red is activated will unlock safes, by either shot fired sensors in hallways, classrooms, activates code red and dedicated school personnel can also activate code red without shots fired, to access the pistols by the teachers. Guns cannot be accessed outside of code red activation
  4. Also, have a certain number of teachers trained in swat offensive tactics and swat bulletproof protection in the lock lockers, so not only will have defensive measures, will have some offensive measure immediately available to seek out shooter in hallways and rooms.

The teachers using the gun safe system, will both limit the chance of an accident of carrying a gun back and forth to school and excessive handling the gun around children. The goal is to have immediate access to defensive and some offensive use of a gun in case of a code red incident, to create a high deterrent and save many lives.

Multiple security guards cost much more money. Also, police and swat take time to reach the school. My proposal will create a high deterrent, stopping some shooters all by itself, thinking twice and giving up the idea, it will allow some defensive measures when the shooter try's to enter a class filled with children, and will offer some immediate offensive measures, saving children's lives, buying time for police and swat to arrive.

Allow a third layer of both defense and offense of highly trained teachers with extreme background checks, permitted to carry a concealed weapon. Not every school needs to have, and even if very few in numbers carrying a concealed weapon, will create an even higher deterrent, where seconds can make a difference in a shooting incident. The shooter won't know the exact numbers personal carrying a concealed weapon.