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Name: Wanda Solomon
Race: African-American
Age: 58 years old
Children: 6
Grandchildren: 3
Great Grands: 3
State Charged: Pennsylvania (will reside in PA when released)
Charges: Count I - Conspiracy to distribute and possession w/ intent to distribute 5 kilograms or
more of a mixture and substance amount
Count II – Conspiracy to distribute 5 kilograms or more of a mixture containing cocaine
Sentence: 20 years
Served to Date: 12 years
Prison Conduct: Excellent

My name is Imani Solomon and I am the youngest daughter of Wanda Solomon. My Mother is currently incarcerated at the Federal Prison Camp in Alderson, West Virginia. As many of you know, the President of the United States has the authority to grant a federal prisoner Clemency, or in other words, commute or reduce
a sentence imposed upon conviction of a federal offense.

My Mother has accepted accountability for her actions and has demonstrated rehabilitation while incarcerated. Having already served 12 years of an unduly severe 20-year sentence for a NON-VIOLENT drug conviction,
she is currently seeking Clemency.

                                She needs your help and support!

There are no words to describe the remorse my Mother lives with daily for the poor decisions that led up to her involvement and for any harm she has caused to her family and community. Over the past 12 years, the core of her focus has been rehabilitation and preparedness for release and re-entry into society.

The bulk of her energy has been spent towards learning how to better herself, the lives of her peers as well as her community-at-large. My Mother has taken full initiative to educate herself and enhance her mind and spirit by participating and completing numerous programs, courses and activities.

(some of which are listed below):

• GED Certification
• PCTC Parenting Courses
• SFF Parenting MW1230
• Time Management Skills
• Employment Goal Setting
• Life by Design (30 Certificates awarded)
• Speak-Up Open Panel, President
• CHAT, Facilitator
• Personal Information Security
• RPP (RN) Aids and HIV Awareness
• Women Seeking to Soar
(wrote course curriculum)
• Business Planning
• Money Smart ACE Class
• PCTC Business Leadership
• PCTC Conflict Management and Intervention
• 4RPP Re-Entry Resource
• Ace Small Business
• Medical / Social RPP Class
• SFF Food Safety
• Communication Resources and
Communication Skills 4
• Business Writing
• Creative Writing
• Women and Spirituality 1-5
• Getting Along with Co-Workers
• Drive to Succeed
(authored plays for the inmates)
• American Bible Academy
(9 college credits currently earned)

Helping people gives my Mother a sense of hope and purpose. Growing up, she was not just my Mom, she was a Mother to the Community. She not only helped people, she also gave them a shoulder to lean on. She changed a lot of people’s lives and would give anyone (whether she knew you or not), the shirt off her back, food if you were hungry and shelter if needed. She gravitated towards those in need and would always make herself available to help. That was just her demeanor and personality and she never wanted anything in return. When released, my Mother plans on using her own life story as well as her acquired knowledge and skillsets to assist, inspire and encourage other women who are facing adversity and overwhelming life-challenges.Despite her mistakes, my Mother is a good person and has always been the backbone of our Family. Although incarcerated, she has done everything in her power to continue her motherly role in our lives. I credit her for one of my greatest accomplishments. From beginning to the end, she encouraged and motivated me through Cosmetology school. I have since become a licensed stylist and a successful salon owner in my community. I could not be any happier! Although my Mother has not been here physically to witness my success, she is the reason behind it all. None of this would have been possible without her instilling confidence and perseverance in me, without her constant encouragement or without her pushing me daily to be all that I can be. Just a prime example of the positive effect she has on people. However, these last 12 years have had devastating effects on our Family. We have never been the same and still have not recovered from the divide. A lot has occurred during these years. While incarcerated, my Mother lost her only remaining sister to cancer. She is now the sole living daughter of my 84-year old Grandmother, who has become increasingly ill, suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and Heart Failure. My mother fears that something will happen to my Grandmother prior to her being released. I am not certain she can handle any more stress or heartache. She has duly paid her debt to society and desperately needs to be reunited with her Family! We have missed 12 long years that we can never get back. However, I am praying my Mother
will be granted clemency soon so that she can get back to doing what she does best… being a motivator, a life-changer… the Rock of our Family.
I pray that all of you reading this finds compassion, understanding and forgiveness in your heart. Please sign and share Wanda Solomon’s Petition for Clemency – It is time to Bring her Home! On behalf of my Mother, our Friends and my entire Family, we thank you in advance for your Support! Please sign the Petition for Wanda Solomon’s Clemency and share with your networks.





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