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Healthier Environment

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I want the people world to treat it as if it were someone else's home, because when someone throws a piece of trash onto the ground its like just throwing your trash on the floor in someone else's home. If we the people stop treating the Earth so terribly then our great grand children will have a home to enjoy and live in peacefully.


       I feel we need to use more electricity to live instead of using fossil fuels and reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. it gets worse and worse everyday too because nobody releases that we are using so much of the earths resources that they are disappearing and when they do humans wont know how to live life. If we don't make a change soon life will end sooner then we could have ever imagined. All I want is for the people to have a healthier living style and make the world run normally again before we started killing organisms.


            Anything we do effects us, if we pollute the earth we kill trees and trees give you oxygen to breath so when we do stuff like this it slowly kills us and nobody really cares enough to fix the problem. So I just think we need to make a change to save the human race.


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