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Have Feminism Recognized as a Terrorist Group

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Hi, my name is Malcolm.

Feminism has been preaching woman supremacy for far too long, Feminist groups have incited violence against men for years.

But recently it seems Feminism has taken a turn for the worst starting disturbing trends such as:

#KillAllMen                                                                                                                   #KillAllMaleBabies                                                                                                     #WomenSupremacy

They have attacked anyone who oppose their views and people have even gotten killed over it. Men are clearly not at fault here as there is obviously very few "Masculinist" groups where as "Feminist" groups are aplenty. I believe that it is time for a change as Feminists are trying not to make men equals but to put men beneath them.

My brother was actually beaten up by a Feminist group for trying to be a gentleman and help an old lady with her groceries.

So I am speaking for all victims of hate crimes and violence from Feminism when I say.

Please help us, in our quest for a better world.

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