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Grant Compassionate Release for Timothy Seabury!

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Pictured Above: Brothers Timothy Seabury (left) and Christopher Seabury (right). 

My name is Kelsey S. Seabury. I am starting this petition to support my father, Timothy Wayne Seabury, who is filing for a compassionate release with the FBOP. My father is now 49 years old and was originally sentenced life in prison for a non-violent drug crime in 2011. In January 2017 he received clemency from former President Barack Obama. As of February 2018 he has served 8 years of his commuted sentence and set to be released July 9, 2026. My uncle and my father's youngest brother, Christopher M. Seabury, was involved in an accident December 18, 2017. As my uncle was riding his bicycle, he was hit by a vehicle head on going 50 mph. The accident has left my uncle with extensive brain damage, and other smaller injuries involving his lungs and heart, which makes him unable to care for himself. His doctors at USA Medical Center are unable to determine how long it will be before he's back to himself again, or if he ever will be. Currently his parents are the ones taking care of him. My grandparents aren't in the greatest of health themselves, my grandmother is 70 years old and my grandfather is 79 years old. My My uncle has no children, therefore making my father his next of kin once my grandparents can no longer care for him. Uncle Chris is 44 years old, and my grandparents are already struggling to care for him given their age and other health factors they both have. My uncle will need around the clock care for years to come, which is why I need to do everything I can to get my father released as soon as possible to care for his brother. We need as much support as we can get, I am asking everyone to please sign this petition and help us get compassionate release. Thank you all.  

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