Clemency for Tanesha Bannister serving 23 years

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Tanesha is my cousin - she has already served 14 long years. Her family is praying daily that she will receive clemency from President Trump.  She is extremely remorseful that she got involved with drugs, but she doesn't deserve 23 years. If she was sentenced today, she would receive 15 years and 6 months which means she would already have been sent to a half-way house. Tanesha is not the only one serving time - her two kids have suffered tremendously, and dare to hope that soon, they might embrace their mom when she is given a second chance. 

Tanesha asked that I share her message: 

Since being incarcerated I've earned my GED in 2004 and attended Tallahassee Community College for Business Management. I have also taken Drug Education classes and completed over 100 ACE classes. I have taken every class offered through education and psychology. I am currently studying to become a certified personal trainer and graduated with my Cosmetology License through the State of Florida. I'm ready to apply those skills to a new future. 

I am asking for second chance from President Trump so I can finally be home with my 2 children, who are now adults. When I left they were 8 and 10 years old. Now my daughter is 24 and my son is 22! I have missed so many years of their lives and even though I cannot make up the time, I can build from the time we still have and help guide them to be modest citizens in society. My daughter is expecting her first child. It would mean everything to me to be there from the beginning of the beautiful life of my future grandchild. Now is the time I need to be there more than ever. Not only for the support they need, but a chance to share my hard-earned wisdom with them.  

My clemency case was accepted by President Obama's Clemency Project 2014 and submitted by an attorney that was assigned to my case.  We were led to believe that if we met the criteria of this project, we would most likely receive clemency so my hopes are high that it's finally my turn to receive some good news and I yearn to experience that feeling that so many others have received - to be told "you're going home" is something I fantasize about daily.  I'm excited about a bright, new future because I have become a complete person and deserve a second chance.  I have obtained what I need to be successful, my passion is fitness and I aspire to help others with fighting obesity and other health issues that so largely exist. I will utilize my cosmetology license to work in a salon as well. I have several job offers upon my release. 

Moreover, I have a lot of support, including letters from the Warden, Case Manager and Detail Supervisor which are not easy to come by.  Previous institutions also provided me with character letters because they all support my release and have truly seen the changes and what an asset I will be to the community.  

Please join in this effort and ask President Trump to show me grace and mercy by commuting my sentence. I'm ready to prove to my family, myself and society that I deserve this opportunity.

For more information, Tanesha is #13 on the CAN-DO Top 25 Women