Grand Jury investigation into Montana Cps Agents & there illegal child removals & fraud

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We the family's of Montana want a grand jury investigation into the illegal unethical actions taken by individual cps workers with the Dphhs .

We want justice for every illegal removal ,unethical human rights violations and the lack of accountability in the Dept .

We want a grand jury to hear every story of injustice , crime , rape , fake lies ,fraud ,molestations , physical abuse ,mental abuse, law breaking ,civil rights violations,human rights violations ,federal laws ,threats ,cohesion,cover ups, break up of the natural family ,purposeful attacks ,babysnatching, refusal to work with family's,illegal long removals ,family's that are kept apart ,county attorney's who allow fraud to be filed no evidence ,policys and procedures that are violated ,the lack of accountability, retaliation at Dept hands ,we have many families harmed and workers for the Dept willing to come forward.We want criminal charges and accountability for crimes committed on American soil at the hands of Americans against American familys under the guise of "child protection"

 The cps agent files fraudulent papers there supervisors are busy on Facebook there regional does nothing to hold them Accountable the director ignores the citizens when they bring injustice .

They keep children they had no federal right to take they place them in worse situations they take baby's hours after there born even with family present and capable to care for them the state intrudes way beyond its rights and stays way past saftey issues addressed .They utilize a law to there profit and advantage and they harm many family's .

They tell people they have to change or be a certain way vs remedy the saftey issue .They take the law into there own hands and refuse to follow it .

Cps is an agency within the gov they are not judge jury and warden .

We the family's of Montana what the fraud to stop and our stories heard and jail time for the criminals involved .

We won't stop until we are heard and justice is sought .THIS IS America noone has a right to so what these agents are doing under the guise of the law.They are illegal they are not following the laws and those that do nothing about there illegal actions are just as guilty .

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