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Get Trump to ban Anime NOW

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Naruto. Bleach. One Piece. Sword Art Online. Attack On Titan. Dragonball Z. Pokemon. Lucky Star. Cory in the House. Boku No Pico. These degenerate Chinese cartoons are known as Anime. 

We need to get rid of this disease that has been sent to us by the Japanese. It is corrupting our youth to have shit taste in girls and to unironically like harem shit and Slice-of-life garbage. Kids these days would rather listen to some Japanese hologram than our homegrown auto-tuned legends like Queen and Iggy Azelea. With anime gone, we can finally get these NEET-bux grabbing, tendie-eating, neckbeard basement-dwellers to come out into society and be useful for once. Also I'm pretty sure Anime causes autism, or at least watching anime is a sign of having autism.

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