Free innocent people in the prison system, who did not commit the crime.

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There are innocent people, who are serving time in a state and federal penitentiary; due to crimes they did not commit. There are prosecutors and police officers (with malicious intent), who will persuade underaged children, victims, victim's friends, and their loved ones, to say things, in the court of law (that is untruthful) so others, who are on trial will be found guilty by the testimony that's been given by the prosecutor's witnesses.

In 2003, Kevin Lamar Fountain was found guilty for two counts, second degree attempted murder. A crime he did not commit and has been serving time for, for the last 15 years in a state prison here in Florida. Kevin Lamar Fountain is a 37 year old black male, born and raised here in Pensacola. Fl., with two teenage daughters.  In 2003, law enforcements and prosecutors, who was on this case manipulated several underaged  juvenile boys, by co-rehearsing them to say, "Kevin shot and killed two men." When in fact, the law enforcements had enough witnesses and statements from others in the community, the night the incident took place to capture the real killer, who open fired leaving innocent people dead.

About two years ago, I had a conversation with the young man, who I believed was the killer (of the two young men in 2003.) Indeed I was correct about the young man (the killer), who admitted taken those two young men lives, during an altercation in a local neighborhood here in Pensacola, Fl. The young man shared his story with me, the night everything took place, in 2003.  Also, he added, "how those demons bothers him often, for taken those young men lives, and if he could free Kevin without serving time for what he had done, he would!" The young man, who confessed taken the lives of the two young men, is now incarcerated in a state prison on other charges. But not for the crime he committed in 2003, when he took the lives of two individuals.

My thoughts and prayers, will always be for the family, who sons lives ended in 2003. Today, I am asking people to take a stand and help fight for righteousness of others, and STOP allowing prosecutors and police officers, (with malicious intents) have innocent people locked away for life, for crimes they did not commit. Kevin's trial was treated unfair. Kevin will like a chance to share his story, the night those two young men, lives ended.

Please sign this petition, so Kevin Lamar Fountain can have another chance at life, witness his two daughter's graduating high school, and give back to the community. By doing so, he will like to speak to other young men and youths about making the right choices in life, and keeping themselves surrounded around positive people at all time.