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Fight for Me (Disabled Combat Veteran)

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My life
In October 2013 I was arrested on DV charges. My wife has tried to get me committed ever since She found out I was getting medically retired. Her whole concern has not been my injuries from war but, the money, and benefits she could get from my sacrifice. She called 911 and told them I took thirty Ambien pills. Two Escambia County deputy cars showed up at my house 1040 Brownfield Rd. They responded to what they thought was an overdose call yet, there were no first responders or Paramedics. Once they realized I did not take any pills they listened to my wife and me and said I did nothing to go to jail for. They told me they would take me to my VA appointment, but instead took me to jail. My wife knows if I’m committed or in jail she can take all my money from the VA and act on my behalf. She wrote a statement full of lies. The arrest report even stated I accidently bumped into my wife trying to leave. My wife dropped all the charges and I moved back in the house. We have had martial problems for a while. There is a lack of trust and has been domestic violence with myself as the victim. In November 2013 my wife and I were arguing while she was driving. She punched me in the face and I got out of the vehicle and walked home. Her mother thought it was funny and started calling her Muhammad Ali. On our Anniversary April 18 2014 Wendy shoved our whole Anniversary cake in my face and began hitting me. She then through a glass plate and it broke over my back. She then took a picture off the wall and broke it over my head leaving glass in my face and back. She pulled out her 45 cal pistol and shot it in the back yard and then pointed it at me. Her mother had to come over and get the gun and pull the glass out of my back. One week later Wendy attacked me when I came home from play practice at school. She was jealous I was in a play with women. She punched me gave me a black eye, broke my glasses ripped my shirt cut my face and neck. I ran out of the house and she jumped in her Chevy traverse and tried to run me over. I had to hide behind the neighbor’s car and run through their back yard. I called my wife’s stepdad to come pick me up from down the road. I was going to stay on their couch but my wife called me 27 times came over there at two in the morning blowing the horn and beating on her mother’s door. She said if I did not go home with her that night she would kill herself. Then on May 30th 2014 I had enough. I was tired of living with someone so hateful. I was packing my bags going to stay with my mother. My wife began to tell our children I hated them. I told her not to do that again. She began yelling even louder and calling them by name saying I hated them. I covered her mouth with my hand and she called her mother. Her mother came over and as I was talking her in the back yard Wendy called the police. She said she wanted me to go to jail so I would come home humbled. Then I returned home from my Wounded Warrior trip Father’s day 2014. Wendy refused to let me see our children
and would not let me enter the house. She got a restrainer order Tuesday June 17th 2014 keeping me away from the children even longer. While I was gone on my trip she took a baseball bat to my 2014 Silverado pickup truck and blew up the motor.  She continues to try and have me arrested everytie I have my two beautiful daughters .  The State Attorneys office and the Sheriff Department have seen the text messages she admits too. They know she held our babies head under water for punishment and admitted to physically abusing me and saying she would molest our girls and tell the cops I did it. Yet they still arrest me for sending a text about the house going into foreclosure saying it violated the restraining order. The State Attorneys office and Sheriff Department have allowed this women to abuse my children and myself lie under oath destroy my property and stalk me repeatedly. Everyone I ask for help tells me their hands are tied. The only way this evil can continue is for good people to do nothing about it. Four years I am sill being harassed.  I have been divorced for two years now. I filed I moved out and tried to move on with my life. She broke into my apartment and assaulted me there. She has tormented me for four years now with the State Attorneys office and Sheriffs Department at her disposal.  No one in Escambia County will help me. Please I fought for this Country I fought for you will you fight for me?

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