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Violated Rights

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In recent events there was a tragic event  took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, a mass shooting directed at anyone who attended that high school. The result of this affair killed 17 students and teachers. Due to this upsetting situation many people have felt the need to voice their opinions, as they should considering our 1st Amendment allows us that right. A substantial amount of people feel that our 2nd Amendment should be taken away due the consistent school shootings that have taken place over the years. 

A student Josh Decosta that attends Henry B. Plant High School in Tampa, Florida witnessed peaceful protests about how there should be gun control. This student felt differently and decided to express his opinion by taping a sign on his shirt, this sign stated "It's the People not the Guns." Josh was fulfilling his right to peaceful protest and the administrators of Henry B. Plant High School pulled him out of class to inform him that what he was doing wasn't allowed. Josh was forced to take his unoffending sign off and felt so uncomfortable at his own school that he had to call for someone to pick him up. On February 18, 2018, the same high school was informing its students to wear white for peace and gun control, and on the that exact day Josh posted a snapchat video at a friends home that night about why he wasn't going to wear white. The school again pulled Josh out of class the following day. The staff accused him of being a potential shooter. They sent Josh to a school psychologist, along with him having to speak with a officer, having his book-bag and home searched because of probable cause when they found nothing. Due to this situation the school suggested that Josh should not come to school on February 20th. I believe many Josh Decosta's rights have been violated. How can we blame guns when there is evident proof that it is the people who start the problems. If we want help prevent schools from going through these devastating events our country should consider taking other actions which could include metal detectors before entering schools or better preparing officers for circumstances like this. There are so many paths to take instead of abolishing one of the rights that make our country free. Help support and protect our rights before taking them away. Also help our student Josh so we can take further action to help students like him be able to voice their opinions. 

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