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Exonerate Jason Hopson, An Innocent Man The Victim of Prosecutorial Misconduct

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I'm Jessica Harris, Jason Hopson's sister.  I have and I will continue to passionately pursue justice for Jason, until justice is served! I don't understand how this nightmare is still alive! I sat through the trial, heard all of the evidence and I also recorded as the prosecuting attorney told me multiple times and I QUOTE, "I knew during the trial that the accuser lied." Ash Joshi also stated, "in fact I recall the exact moment I realized they were lying, it was when Deputy Anderson testified, the deputy had no reason to lie, he had nothing to gain. After deputy Anderson testified I went to my supervisor and said lets at least offer this guy a plea these girls are lying." Joshi offered to drop the rape charge if Jason would take a plea of Aggravated Assault, Jason refused the plea stating, "I DIDN'T ASSAULT ANYONE, PLEAS ARE FOR GUILTY PEOPLE." Another disturbing thing Ash Joshi stated to me was that Jason's case and another case he tried, Haunt him. "The other case was really self defense, but  I got the man a life sentence for murder." How can any human being live with doing this to someone? Where is the justice? Everyone has turned a blind eye to this except, a Superior Court Judge that took a little over one year to review the case before she Granted the order  for the conviction to be set aside and Jason released. How is it legal that the State of Georgia can appeal the decision to The Supreme Court of Georgia, which is still THE STATE OF GEORGIA? Is this not clear?

Please Exonerate Jason Hopson or give him a fair trial! Mr. Hopson is the victim of the growing epidemic of prosecutorial misconduct. Prosecutors are entrusted with determining who will be held accountable. They hold a great deal of power and are charged with presenting the truth. They have the ability to bring fourth justice or lawless injustice, if they choose to. Ripping families apart, destroys lives, demoralizing the American Justice System.

This all pertains to a case tried in Fulton County, Georgia. The prosecuting Attorney, Ash Joshi kept a secret during the trial until he went into private practice. He then revealed his secret to Hopson's mother and sister, who recorded their conversations. His secret was that he knew during the trial Hopson was innocent and that the accuser lied. If the family would give him fifteen thousand dollars he would work behind the scenes under another attorneys name to reverse the conviction. Joshi admitted that he knew he suborned perjury and let the trial continue. Under Rule 3:3 of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct " a lawyer shall not knowingly offer evidence that the lawyer knows to be false. If a lawyer offers material evidence and comes to know of its falsity, the lawyer shall take reasonable remedial measures." A clear violation!

Mr. Hopson was Granted a Habeas Corpus on June 30, 2015 finding that the State of Georgia was holding him unlawfully in violation of Right to Due Process under The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment of The United States Constitution and under Article I, Section I, Paragraph XII of The Georgia Constitution. The Court ordered The Habeas Petition be Granted and Jason Hopson's conviction be set aside.

The State of Georgia appealed the order to The Georgia Supreme Court who overturned the ruling, denying a man his Constitutional Right to a Fair Trial.

Jason Hopson has been refused his right to a fair trial. The prosecuting attorney withheld information, suborned perjury, let an innocent be sentenced to spend FIFTEEN years in prison, and attempted to extort $15,000 dollars from the mans family. All without any repercussions! Ash Joshi is currently practicing law in Atlanta, Georgia. Pursuing his career, making money, seeing his family every day, freedom to go anywhere at anytime. Meanwhile Jason, a victim who has been forced to live the last thirteen years of his life in a dehumanizing prison, locked away from his family, unable to be with his mother fighting cancer, unable to pursue a career, unable to prepare for his future, no freedom, unable to meet one niece, unable to attend another nieces graduation, unable to even visit with his nieces due to the label he's been given and still denied of his Constitutional Right to a Fair Trial. 

We need Jason Hopson exonerated! Please set an innocent man free that has been wronged by a failing justice system. We want to see an incorruptible justice system that adheres to promoting Justice. Lets see the powerful held accountable and the innocent free. I need the support of those who are willing to stand up and say this is unethical.


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