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Equal Treatment For Addiction/ Substance Abuse

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I am 41 years old from a town called Kingston Pennsylvania grew up in Larksville Pennsylvania & Moved to Kingston Pennsylvania about 6 years ago.

I had a great life growing up was the first born in 04/07/1976 a preemie 3lbs 11oz to great parents. 

I was raised in the bar & restaurant business & used to go to school & remember I loved going but I couldn't read well out of books & remember.

My father was always great in business & held some type of political office or counsel seat & helped a ton of people but I didn't know that then but understand that now .

Both my parents worked hard to build a great business & raise me & my brother & sister. 

My father was always there for us somehow or someway but was a better father to the community & was heavily involved in politics & Irem Tempel It's a country club . I remember swimming with Manny  Gordon  as a child .See he loved us but he just didn't know how to show it .

His dad that we heard very little about ever was extremely abusive to my grandmother & a severe drinker some would use the term alcoholic & killed himself when my dad was younger but I don't know the specifics we never spoke about it .

I know my dad loved my mom but over the years when he got drunk he became violent towards my mom until they divorced when I was 14 years old .

My brother & sister were younger & have no idea what they remember or not but I remember alot & its not all roses & butterflies.

I am not looking for sympathy he was a awesome dad with a troubled past and a horrible childhood along with his brothers & sisters but am not making excuses either just facts & what I remember. 

At 14 is when it started ( Drinking ) heavy & with my mom gone & rightfully so there was no Authority plus with my dad holding political office made it impossible to get into trouble. 

I am not glamorizing anything just showing a pattern.

I would make horrible decisions & be rewarded smoking pot here & there along with heavy drinking remember my dad owned a bar so booze wasn't a problem & socially acceptable everyone drank & for any or all occasions.

Sure I got arrested but nothing ever stuck or happened & school hell I didn't go to class my dad was on the school board plus if I did go I couldn't read out of books & remember so what was the point. 

But I was good @ parting & ran with the older crowd see in school up to 6th grade I got picked on but high school was a different story by then I had cash that I was stealing out of the business couldn't get in trouble & didn't need anyone to party .

So I partied & went to school sometimes & graduated all because of my dad but had a full blown problem with booze & my first rehab at 18 . I remember shaking in the morning & having to drink Southern Comfort out of a straw because I couldn't pick up the glass .

Even In my first rehab the stuff just didn't seem right & I remember telling them this is crazy I am not putting a God in control of my life so that would be my very first failure @ treatment. 

I returned right back to the bar & restaurant business & where well life was awesome but with severe consequences mentally and physically the cycle started & everywhere I went it was the same stuff over & over & over meanwhile loosing more & more each time but not understanding it or why . 12 treatment facility's total over the years , First Hospital  ( mental health) more times then I can count 4 DUIs & a felony hit & run , Felony Communications Device , Public Drunkenness & Disorderly Conducts became Misdemeanors because it was happening so often .Loss of drivers license 17 years total & rightfully so. 21 years of mass failure in the same 12 step treatment program's & Treatment Facility's & massive loss personal & to others around me until 2015.

Incarceration different times all throughout lost the family business just a train wreck & couldn't die . Not that I wanted to but if it happened I wouldn't have cared . & Substances Abused & Masive Amounts .In my thirties I had a good friend that died but got anything off the internet & the purest of the pure. He was super smart & a shame there was no other treatments being offered but we will get to that .

Alcohol, Pot , Cocaine, Freebase in the 90's , Crack , Heroin, Dilaudid,  Fentanyl, Roxy's, Barbiturates, Xanax Pharmaceutical Powder, DMT , Mushrooms,  LSD , MDMA , Methamphetamine , Peyote , Ecstasy & taken in all forms including intravenously. I never did PCP & have no plans on doing anything.  But prior to 2015 i lived massive failure & everywhere I went for treatment was the same old traditional treatment that mass society gets & has become big business & more about the money then the person .

In 2015 i heard about a program that was teaching something different & was already in the court system so I was like absolutely.  It laid the groundwork for what we know today & my father's passing several months ago .

In that program Geo Science Re Entry services or DRC who was hired by Luzerne County to help with Recidivism & Substance Abuse.  They taught us about our brains . The chemicals produced the functionality along with REBT , CBT , MRT ( also used by the United States Military) , Limbic System & how the brain works off a reward system & about our actual thinking & how it can be manipulated.

See when my dad died a few months ago he left me a link to a book Prometheus Rising & because of Rules He Couldn't when he was alive ..It has lead to  a profound change along with the Behavioral Health & Psychology. 

The first time around with the new information was a failure but we didn't understand what we understand now .

Let's explain WE;

I , Me , My , Mine = EGO

Us , We , Our , Our's = Together 

See We Walk With , Talk To , Share In Succees & Failure Together,  Became One With & Are Part Of Everything/ Anything. 

Buddhism says to get in touch with inner self & that's how : Us , We , Our , Our's plus it puts self in the third person or something like that & its no longer just about self anymore it's about US,  We , Our , Our's & is extremely important & helpful when it's about substance abuse .

See We learned through research that there is ( 2 ) types of information being taught.

( 1 ) To the Mass Public & Traditional Treatment as usual that doesn't work for everybody equally being the big thing.

( 1 ) Mostly in Self - Pay Facility's,  State Prison System , County Prison System but NOT for Everyone Equally being the big thing .

( 2 ) Information Sources Not Being Utilized Equally For Everyone.

( 2 ) Outcomes As Our Mass Population Who Need This Vital Information The Most Continue To Die & Our Death Tolls Rise .

We have also discovered a "group inside a group " in the traditional treatment Process The Problem Is They Are Making It About Money & Not About We The People & Are Lying & Killing Their Own & Trying To Oppress This New Information Especially In The community where we are from.

We have reached out to the Local , State & Federal Agencies,  Church's,  Governor , Lawyers,  Treatment Facility's For Employment,  Senators,  Congrees,  The President,  The Pope , Dalai Lama , Mayors & News Papers , News Organizations Citizens Of The United States For Help & As To Date Nothing has been talked about or done & its wrong. 

We Have Physical Evidence of Government Involvment & a conspiracy  to oppress this information to the General Public who are dying and that's wrong.

This information is prevalent in other areas and has been around since the pyramids and sanskrit's and we can prove it. This affects every town , state & citizen in the United States of America and is an epidemic of mass proportion and should  be addressed.

We are Trying To Help The People & Prefer Help .

( George Dervinis ) 















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