Ending gun violence, ending wasting lives.

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How many more times will people need to get shot before we take action?

30,000. That's how many people die from gun violence per year. Since 2015, there has been 45 school shootings in the U.S. Those are 45 mornings where a parent set their child to school and wished them to have a good day. Some of those children never came back. 

Recently, an expelled student of Stoneman Douglas High School opened fire on February 14th there, resulting in 17 deaths. The man who did so was 19-years-old. What do you think that says about America's gun laws if a mentally-unstable 19-year-old is able to get a gun?  

March For our Lives, an organisation striving for change in the American gun laws, held a large rally on March 24th in support of tighter gun control in America in response to the school shooting. Currently, March For our Lives is taking a #RoadToChange, which is a bus tour for more rallies in around twenty states. By supporting March For our Lives, we want to create safe environments in America against guns.

America needs stricter gun laws. Here are some possible solutions that March for Our Lives suggests:

  • Universal background checks. A lot of sales of guns do not undergo a background check, meaning that a potenial shooter could get a gun as easily as a hunter could.
  • High-capacity magazine ban. 
  • A ban on semi-automatic assault rifles. Out of the top 10 worst mass shootings, 7 of them were done with semi-automatic rifles.

Too many lives have been lost to gun violence. It needs to stop.  Go to https://marchforourlives.com/ for more information. 


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