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End unwarranted gov't digital spying before our data leaks again

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Americans are not being put first when it comes to digital privacy.  Our government is actively spying on our digital lives without our consent.  Both major parties are responsible for blatantly and repeatedly disregarding our Fourth Amendment rights.

To make matters worse, our data is being held without adequate protection as most recently seen here:

Although the above leak allegedly did not contain private data, our government does hold private data, as Edward Snowden has revealed. Our government has proven itself unfit to be the caretakers of such sensitive information.

This is not a call to end all digital surveillance, since warranted cases of digital surveillance have protected us from terrorism and will save lives in the days to come.  This is a call to hold our government accountable and to ensure the protection of American citizens.

I am asking our President to put Americans first by making an Executive Order and to urge congress to pass legislation requiring the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, military, and all local law enforcement agencies to scale back their surveillance of American citizens to constitutional parameters and to delete all data that was collected illegally.

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