End All Foreign Aid And Impose Sanctions Against South African "Racist Regime"

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Every single day and every single night, many South African farmers are murdered and attacked because of their pale skin. Few days ago, the South African parliament has voted to seize all white owned land without compensation. This action is clearly a systematical racism, human rights violations, and very vile act. Most of them are rejected for jobs because of their skin colors. This is outrageous and need to stop, the racism didn't stop there.

The ANC has issued new Employment Equity regulations that will prevent thousands of Indian people in KwaZulu-Natal from getting jobs. It will also stop them getting promoted into more senior positions. the ANC's regulations will require employers to meet racial target based on national(not provincial) population group numbers. So even if children spends 20 years studying and gets the best qualifications, the Employment Equity act will prevent them for being employed because they're Indians. They suffered enough under apartheid and this law is no different than apartheid.

All of the talk about justice and righting are the wrongs of yesteryear is merely preparation for stripping an ethnic minority of their right and subjecting them to violence. on Twitter, EFF has already shown that once they've dealt with whites, South African Indian and East Asian populations are next, "Chinese are like Indians, they think they're close to whiteness, when they practice racism they become worse than whites. There are even blacks who mimic whiteness. All of this need to be confronted" said Malema to the adoration of many retweets. Is this what the "Rainbow Nation" really looks like? It's not "Rainbow Nation Anymore.

This "Racist Regime" should be condemned. We demand action against this "Racist Regime", this madness must end once and for all. The US government and the EU need to rethink their diplomatic relationship with South Africa. Enough is enough!