Enact Age Restriction for Gun Purchases

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The Right to Bear Arms; The Second Amendment is one of the most important out of the twenty-seven. We are roughly nine weeks into 2018 and there have been 12 school shootings. I know that gun control is an on and off topic throughout social media and usually only surfaces when bloodshed amongst our children has happened. It disgusts me that ever since the tragedy of Sandy Hook or even farther back to Columbine, NOTHING MAJOR (I placed that in caps for a reason), has happened to regulate gun control. On both sides of the political scale, the major concern is the Second Amendment being revoked or changed. No one is trying to take away your rights to purchase guns for sporting purposes. However, I think we can all agree that 13-17-year-olds going to a gun store or a gun show and purchasing an automatic assault rifle with no background checks or restrictions is a big problem. How many more of our children need to DIE for something to be done? My father always told me that if I wanted something to be done, I should voice my opinion loud and clear for the whole world to hear. I got the motivation to do this after I heard that my old high-school was threatened by a school shooter yesterday. I immediately thought of my younger brother who attends this school and his safety. People shout "Put metal detectors in schools!", but why are they only getting put in the predominantly Black/Hispanic neighborhoods? Statistically, the majority of school shooters are WHITE. Schools should be a safe haven for children, not a killing zone. Think about how easy it is for someone to walk into a school or onto a college campus with an assault rifle and start murdering people! I feel that there needs to be an age restriction, just like there is for drinking alcohol, to be applied to purchasing a gun. Children under the age of 21 should NOT be able to have access to any type of guns. With this just having been a STARTING point for gun control advocacy, many of the lives, including the victims of the Parkland shooting, Columbine, Sandyhook, Central Michigan University, etc could have been saved. No child should have to die again looking into the barrel of an assault rifle held by another kid their age.