Electoral college integrity, no retroactive abolishing

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Electoral college integrity, no retroactive abolishing

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Some are upset with the results of our recent election and many change.org petitions are circulating with millions of signatures urging the electors within the electoral college to not vote according to the popular vote of their respective state. The law is set in precedence and in generations before, and long standing institutions such as this should not be hastily done away with. Sometimes  changes to the law make sense in post facto situations, however such a move here would upend our entire electorate system. We must counter this with a petition to maintain the integrity of the electoral processes we've had for hundreds of years.

The people have spoken, and the detractors are saying that Hillary won the popular vote and so should be president. Such is still an arguable point given still unrealized election results. Regardless, we still cannot allow backward changes to the system just because one side is unhappy with the result. It's like playing a game while continually changing the rules to one's advantage. Where is the fun in that?

Sign this petition to counteract these unreasonable requests to undermine our existing system and to tell the electoral college participants to vote the way the people in their respective states have instructed, and not to be so quick to change the tradition. We agree that it is perhaps an outdated institution and should be carefully examined and perhaps fundamentally changed or otherwise abolished, but we should never allow it to be done retroactively. It should only be changed by amendment as agreed by the people, and within the framework of the new government that was just created.

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