DITCH the Syringe

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Have you ever loved, lost or related to one battling with addiction? How do you feel about syringes being sold over the counter? Should quantity be limited? Should there be restrictions? Does age matter? Why is purchasing needles so easy, when cold medicine, tobacco or alcohol are not? Should they be banned? Pharmacy purchase only? It’s clear to the world that the use of illegal drugs has gotten worse and will only continue to do so. Of course, there are many ways to intake a drug aside from using a syringe. But aside from those who are in need for medical conditions- Why is it so easy for a potential user to get his/her hands on without a question or concern? I understand and see many different views. If it were my decision, they would not be sold and any average grocery store. If it were my decision, they wouldn’t be sold in a quantity of 50-100+ for them to just be left around my city. I understand if you limit the needles, some may be more willing to share and diseases may spread even faster. But there is NO REASON ANYONE should purchase so many at a time.. if at all in my eyes. If you are risking life or death at any given moment from a drug, you are putting yourself at the risk of a disease also. From those I know, they have never once been ID’d for the purchase. So who’s to say my 14 year old daughter wouldn’t get ID’d either? Drugs are illegal, for everyone. But age restrictions should come into play when purchasing. Although you can not stop one from using these for the wrong reasons- I feel so so strongly about it due to those I have lost to “shooting up.” I believe those with medical conditions should receive these at a pharmacy. If worst comes to worst and they run low before making it to the Dr office, they should be able to walk into any 24/7 urgent care or hospital with their prescription and get enough to cover them for the time being. Or even a so say “medical card” to purchase them at the store. That’s why they opened those “needle exchange” places. If you are a user, go take it up with them for a clean needle. I also believe there should be some sort of “syring recycling” for needles. Not that they would get used by a user always.. and no one wants to touch them as they are found along the ground.. but it’s an idea.