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Demand Justice for the crimes within the Catholic church

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On the 7th of November 2017, it will be 48 years since a young nun and teacher, Cathy Cesnik was abducted and murdered. Her brutal death was most likely the result of her courageous attempts to challenge and expose sexual crimes by leading clergy of the Catholic church. Since the 1990s many young victims have come forward to reveal the depth of depravity and horror inflicted on them by priests and other officials, including doctors and policemen. Many of these victims are still suffering today and some of them have taken their own lives because they could not live with the trauma or shame of the sickening acts inflicted upon them in their childhood. Sister Cathy Cesnik was made aware of this evil and was known to have been planing to take action to defend these victims. For this, she paid with her life.

For nearly 50 years now, the Catholic church in the US has hidden evidence, relocated known paedophiles to different churches and schools, and refused to make public the details of these grotesque crimes. The government, police and even the FBI have remained silent and unco-operative throughout this network of crime.

However, in the midst of all this corruption and complicity, there have arisen ordinary people who have done extraordinary things to bring this human tragedy to light. Women who were pupils of Cathy Cesnik began their own investigation into the events leading up to the murder and the sexual abuse. They have been joined by reporters and surviving victims of abuse, in seeking justice, not only for the memory of Cathy, who showed such dedication, courage and goodness in challenging evil, but for all victims and their families. You can watch the full story of all this in a documentary called “The Keepers.” It is extremely moving and powerful and it has resulted in the growing demand for justice and action.

Today, in the USA and all over the world, sexual abuse, including rape and molestation continues behind closed doors in the Catholic church and other organizations. The Church enables and empowers these men to commit such acts because it demands that people call their clergy “Father,” thereby conferring upon them authority which compels obedience, particularly among the young and the vulnerable. The Church does this despite Jesus' clear command to “Call no man on earth Father” (Matthew 23.9).

To mark the anniversary of Cathy's death, and to give hope to all those who have suffered at the hands of men who used their positions of power and trust to satisfy their repulsive evil desires, using children and young women, I invite all who read this to join our voices of protest, to show the church, state and the world that enough is enough and that we will no longer tolerate this evil in our world. Whether you are religious or atheist, Catholic or Muslim, man or woman, young or old, black or white, straight or gay, you must be outraged by these disgusting injustices and the systemic complicity that covers them over.

If you are moved to join our voices, pass this on, tweet it, send it, share it, speak it, publish it, copy it. shout it, demand it! Let everyone you know hear what you now know. Make this gathering an unstoppable force which can bring the church and the guilty officials to justice. Please do this, for all children who deserve to exist in a world free of pain and abuse. If we can get enough support, we can present this to congress, the church and the people.

You may say to yourself that your single voice cannot make any real difference. You may feel like the weight of a snowflake on a set of scales but, please be assured that - just a whisper can start an avalanche!

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