Demand changes to child abuse laws

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Every year the we are seeing a rise in child abuse fatalities, innocent children are dying every day at the hands of their abusers.  In most cases these murders could have been avoided had the person witnessing the abuse came forward before it was too late. There is a dire need to have stricter laws in place to help prevent innocent children  from being abused or in the end losing their lives.

1. There needs to be a new law that states if one knowingly knows a child is being abused and doesn't come forward to report it that they will also be charged along with the said abuser.

2. For first time child abuse offenders, where the abuse didnt result in death there needs to be stricter laws and punishments imposed.

3. Anyone charged and convicted of child abuse should have to register with their state and keep their reporting agencies aware of their address and living situation and if they will be around other children that should also be reported. If they don't report this information then they will have new charges filed against them.

4. Any child reported missing or kidnapped all precautions should be taken meaning instead of just looking for a missing child, they need to treat it as a homicide until proven different. 

5. Social Services needs to do more follow up and surprise visits to known child abusers. If a person has already had their children  taken, when they get them back they should always have a file opened on them and follow ups made to insure the abuse doesn't start up againThere needs to be a better system in place for reporting child abuse and a way to follow up on these reports. There is a need to revamp and improve the Department of Children's Services.

6. Any person who kills a child from a result or abuse or neglect  should be charged with 1st degree murder, Any person who stands by and doesn't try to defend the child or try to get help for the child should also be charged with 1sst degree murder. Anyone that knows of a death of a child and has informaction and doesn't come forward or tries to conceal evidence should be charged with 1st degree murder all punishable by either life in prison or death sentence.

We have to put a stop to innocent children losing their lives. Everyday innocent children are dying at the hands of their abusers. These children  don't have a voice, we have to be their voice. This needs to be heard and something has got to be done to show the child abusers we will no longer let them hurt innocent children. Please sign this petition, action needs to be taken immediatly.


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