Decapitate Jarrod Alonge

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In this speech, I will be addressing and accusing this disgusting monster deemed Jarrod Alonge. I will be exposing him, for using his fame to blanket multiple cases of him touching small children, especially males.

It is not a well known fact, but Alonge, 23, actually uses his fame and publicity to charm and seduce younger children, teenage boys, and use them for his own sexual pleasure, as a tool. He has done this to many people, including me, and I will be bravely revealing my story, and how I stayed strong and soldiered on.

I don't remember the date, but I saw him in the streets on a cold January morning. He was there, wrapped up warm, his brown eyes looking me up and down, his pupils drowning with desire to hurt. He approached me surprisingly, and asked me if I was cold. I was shivering, and I only had a thin jumper. He offered to take me to a nearby Starbucks, and buy me a coffee. I obviously said yes, as this was a one in a lifetime opportunity, and I was really interested in what bands he likes.

After he bought me a coffee, we sat down and he still had that look in his eyes, as if I were his prey. I excused myself for the toilet. He stalked me, breathing heavy.

I opened the cubicle, and proceeded to close it when his hand immidiately stopped it, and he stumbled in, in a trance of lust. I was startled, and he quickly grabbed my member, and proceeded to vioate me. As soon as I could, I ran out. I stayed under a nearby bridge, shaking and hoping he wouldnt find me.

I'm shaking writing this, and I'm holding back tears. I haven't told anyone because I'm scared that nobody will believe me.

What I think influenced this urge to do this is the fact that he is gay. I'm not homophobic, but as I say, all gays are sex offenders, but not all sex offenders are gay.

Moreover, he makes fame and money out of violating innocent bands that actually love their fans! And his jokes aren't even funny.

I say we stop him at his place. I kindly ask you people to sign this petition not just for my sake, but for the sake of the public. We need to put an end to this violation. I had to be put in a mental hospital because of this terrible man. All I can say is, we need your help, we need your voice. Thank you for future reference.

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