Criminally Investigate These Government Employees

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To Donald Trump: United States President.      

I, hereby bring to your attention with a demand for a criminal investigation

·  Instances of fraud and gross mismanagement of Tax Money by the Miami-Dade TV personnel in the Communications Department of Miami-Dade County Government.

·  Instances of creation of false government documents and retaliation within the  department to intimidate and attack honest employees to cover up the fraud and abuse of public trust against Miami residents occurring at the Communications Department mainly in Miami-Dade TV.

·  Intentionally injuring an employee while on the job as part of the retaliation by management to that employee. For which the Miami taxpayers now have to pay all of that employee's medical bills because management intentionally ignored the documented warnings to prevent the injury from occurring. 

.  The Inspector General's Office Publicly lied about submitted evidence in order to minimize the appearance of the fraud committed. 

·  Failure of executive management to respond to these issues, raising the prospect of complicity in the above behavior, to the detriment of public service and loss of money for Miami residents.

Result: The status quo reigns as taxpayers pay the financial price.

The details of fraud and misuse of County funds by employees and supervisors includes, but are not limited to:

·  Employees falsifying government records in order to be paid for non-existent work projects and to cover up fraud. An employee filed several official written complaints with evidence documenting these falsifications. 

·  An employee using publicly owned equipment in a publicly owned facility to engage in outside, freelance employment for 10 years as documented evidence shows. To make outside money while on their working hours at the County.

·  Employees and a supervisor taking County equipment home without authorization to make money with that equipment on freelance jobs.

·  Management continuously taking a County vehicle home on the weekends for personal use.

·  Management using an employee’s personal information to open a private account without the employee knowing since the employee was unwilling to partake in the scheme, for the express purpose of storing Government records outside of Government. Despite the employee’s protests, the account was set up. The employee filed an official complaint against the manager and once again the issue was covered up and never truthfully investigated. Taking someone’s identity is illegal.

·  An employee sleeping on the job in an official government vehicle, documented with a photograph and an official complaint.

·  Supervisory employees and the staff they manage routinely reporting for work late, leaving early, taking 2 ½ hours of lunch breaks, yet being paid for a full day’s work.

·  Full time MDTV employees working an average of 35% to 45% of the time while doing absolutely nothing related to work the remaining of the time. Again, being paid for a full day’s work everyday. Also documented with evidence as they collect massive salaries.  

·  Management using paid vacation time to go work freelance jobs elsewhere, hence being paid twice for the day. Once by the taxpayers and the other by the freelance job.

·  Management providing false statements about the issues in the Communications Department to the Mayor’s office to cover up the situations and make it seem like the situations have been resolved.

·  False information making its way into Public Records, which are then being given to the public at a cost to the public in violation of Miami-Dade County’s Bill of Rights.

·  Management giving themselves and bad employees outstanding beyond amazing evaluation sheets in order to get higher salaries every year. Despite all the evidence of fraud against them.

·  Management withheld information from being turned into the Human Resources department in order to cover up the issues because that information exposed even more department fraud.

·  Violations of the Miami-Dade County Honor Code.

These disgraceful facts are losing money for the Taxpayers of Miami. These offences are emblematic of the tepid response of County management to the rule-breaking, unprofessional, wasteful and criminal conduct exhibited by the MDTV employees.

Since April of 2015, beginning with the delivery of an 8-page complaint letter drafted by an MDTV employee, there have been documented reports of fraud, inappropriate gross mismanagement of funds and equipment by employees and supervisors displaying a huge managerial incompetence within MDTV resulting in employee dereliction and intentional waste of taxpayer dollars. No one is held to any standards and everyone is expected to participate in this type of behavior or be removed from the Department. These documented incidents have been met by the new Communications Director with a shocking determination to avoid any investigation at all cause for the purpose of covering up the fraud. To the Communications Department employees, if the public doesn’t know, it never happened.

Employees involved in scams have experienced NO real corrective action; in the other hand, employees who are against these types of actions and file complaints are forced to resign or are fired:

·  At least one employee active in bringing improper conduct to light has been fired while a 2nd was forced to resign and yet a 3rd is currently being forced to resign do to much retaliation, harassment, intimidation to ultimately badgered whoever complains into resigning.

·  Two employees were transferred to other departments within Miami-Dade County government, thereby removing them from the scene to present an “all is well” façade. But, no actual investigation was done against those two employees allowing them to get away with everything they have done against the Taxpayers. 

Examples of ineffective County responses:

·  The decision to take no action against the supervisor who initiated the identity theft situation noted above, despite an official finding of the victim employee having been “justified” in filing the complaint.

·  Valid, documented complaints with evidence forwarded to the Mayor’s Office, County Commissioners, The Inspector General's Office and The Commission on Ethics have failed to result in effective action to stop fraud and financial waste by managers and employees and has proven to be complicit.

·  Failure to investigate the creation of false Government records.

·  Failure to enforce Federal whistleblower protection laws.

·  Failure to investigate an intentional on the job injury against an employee by management.

All the documents supporting these facts are preserved and can be made available to your investigators.

President Donald Trump, we believe you are a person of integrity worthy of the position of immense public trust you now hold. We are confident that your personal integrity and statutory responsibilities will result in a full-scale investigation of these serious matters and a spotlight on the waste, mismanagement and fraud outlined above, and a full accounting being required from those responsible. 

When a civilian gives the Government false documents for the purpose of obtaining money that civilian is investigated, therefore, so too must Government employees be investigated when they provide false documents to obtain money. We the Residents of Miami work to earn our income and get taxes taken from us. Then that tax money is given to Miami-Dade County employees as a salary to support their extravagant lifestyles without them working for it, since they falsify Government records to make it look like they are working. That leaves us the Miami residents with less money to take care of our families and survive. Therefore, with respect, We The People of Miami, request a Criminal  Investigation be launched immediately.

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