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Create a National Registry for All Gun Owners in America

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We want to Make America Great Again by Making America Safe Again! In light of the incoming Trump administration's proposal to create a national registry for Muslims, we insist that the government go one step further in protecting Americans: creating a national registry for all gun owners in our country.

As the Center for Disease Control shows, between 2001 and 2013 the number of people killed in the United States from gun violence totaled 406,496.

In that same time span the total number of Americans killed both inside the US and on foreign soil due to acts of terrorism totaled 3,380.*

While Donald Trump recognizes that even one death from an act of terror is too much, we know that he also understands that big numbers are bigger than small numbers. To represent this mathematically, the number 406,496 > 3,380. This means that for every one person who dies in an act of terror, more than 120 die from plain old non-terrifying gunshot wounds. Since gun owners are 120x more dangerous than Muslims, we demand that they also be registered and kept track of, at least, as President-elect Trump would say, "Until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on" - and given our country's representatives and the abstract nature of that phrase, this could take a while!

We implore that the following recommendations proffered for a Muslim registry also be used for a gun owner registry, as they seem like really good ideas:

1.) Require all gun-owners to register themselves in a national database, accessible to the public.

2.) Send a mailing to everyone who lives in the neighborhood of a gun owner identifying the name, height, weight, and address of the gun owner. American citizens deserve to know if gun owners are living next door to them.

3.) Disallow gun owners from living within a defined distance of a school, as gun owners have a particularly horrific history of attacking the most innocent of our citizens, our children, in their schools.

4.) Require gun owners to regularly check in with law enforcement officials to undergo background checks and to have their weapons inspected. The establishment of a new federal department may be necessary to handle this task.

5.) Arrest, fine, and confiscate the guns of anyone who does not abide by the requirements of the registry. If necessary, establish internment camps for holding the potentially excessive number of violators. Such precedent exists in our history, so don't even try to challenge it as unconstitutional (I'm looking at YOU ACLU!)

We thank you President-elect Trump, Senators, Congressmen and Women, and the leadership of the NRA for supporting this idea and the ever safekeeping of the American people. When law abiding Gun Owners agree to being registered and monitored, and also take it upon themselves to report the "bad gun owners" in their communities, we will all be much safer!

Sign the petition if you AGREE that we need to Make America Great Again by Making America Safe Again!

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