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WE need to come together and not single ourselves out, President Trump, from the combined efforts of 146 countries around the world to lessen our impact on the carbon footprint. There is broad scientific consensus that human-based emissions of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide from fossil-fuel combustion, will change the earth’s climate in ways that will have serious environmental, economic, and social consequences. Reducing emissions will be costly, but the greatest obstacles to date, remain political and widespread educational efforts.  Greenhouse gases mix in the atmosphere, and so any country that takes action incurs the direct costs of that action, but the climate benefits are spread globally. Therefore, for any and all countries, the direct climate benefits of taking action will likely be much less than the costs. ULTIMATELY, meaningful international cooperation is necessary, that includes the United States. We know, President Trump, you do not want your children inhaling dirty air polluting their lungs, nor would you want them to swim in acid oceans; you would want them to visit regions like Miami, Los Angeles and other low lying regions wouldn't you. If we do not act as ONE in support of better environmental practices, those things will not be possible.  Please President Trump, consider the NEGATIVE AND DESTRUCTIVE impact your decision can and WILL have on our present and future Earth and lives if you decide to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. PLEASE STAND for CHANGE and POSITIVE action towards a HEALTHIER world. YOU can be a VOICE by admitting you were wrong on the campaign trail and that you have learned TRUTHS whilst in office about what we, including you can do to be a part of the solution. THANK YOU in advance. 

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