Clemency to Karen Davis who is serving an unjust 20 year sentence

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I’ll never forget how sad and confused I was the day my older sister Karen turned herself in to start a 20-year sentence for a nonviolent drug offense. Of course I thought drugs were bad and there should be consequences, but the harsh sentence didn’t seem to fit the crime. Even worse, Karen was leaving behind her children, including a 2-month-old son. That was over 13 years ago, and I believe my sister deserves clemency. 

Karen has accepted responsibility for her actions and has used the experience to better herself and the lives of those around her. My sister has maintained employment through a prison program, now entrusted with handling the payroll of over 150 staff in her department. What money she makes she sends back to support her children. Karen has also volunteered as a mentor to new women entering prison, completed courses in psychology, budgeting, and business education, and participated in many philanthropic activities.

My sister has paid her debt to society. She has missed proms, graduations, and all of the other life events that only come around once. Birthdays and holidays are always a reminder of the family waiting for her to be released, including three grandchildren who only know her through pictures and phone calls.

My mother and I are fighting every day to end this unfair, extreme sentence that has impacted us all. Since Karen’s sentence was a part of what many now consider unjust mandatory minimums, only President Trump can get her out by granting her clemency. From our family to yours, please support our efforts to bring Karen home. Please sign our petition and help reunite our family. With love and thanks, Janet Benford