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Clemency from the President

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My father, Rodrigo Martinez (06138-017), is a first time federal offender, who has served a lengthy sentence of 14 years of a 44 year sentence for a non-violent drug offence and gun possession. He has qualified for the 2014 Clemency Project, which helps prisoners that likely would have received a significantly lower sentence if convicted of the same offense today. We are still waiting for President Donald Trump to approve of this clemency that my father is a perfect candidate for. 

My father has been incarcerated most of my life, and it has been challenging. He has missed many family moments in the past 14 years, some good, like my wedding, the birth of both his grandchildren, and all three of his kids high school graduations. To some not so good, like the death of my grandfather, Javier Martinez, "El Viejito" (Old Man) as my father would call him. Growing up, I have always yearned to see my dad walk through the front door one day and to be smothered with hugs and kisses each and every day. Despite my father not being home, he has always made it an obligation to have strong relationships with my sister Leticia, my brother Rodrigo, my two children, and myself, which I admire. My dad is a family man, and nothing is more important to him than his family.

I certainly believe my father has dealt with his consequences to his past and has learned from them, and I believe he has served more than enough time. During his incarceration, he has taken advantage of classes/programs he could participate in, such as drug education program, culinary arts, writing courses, English classes, psychology classes, anger management classes, breaking barriers classes and many more that he has earned certificates for. He has furthered his education as much as he could while being in Federal Correction Institutions, so much so he has obtained his GED.

Many may ask, "Does Rodrigo have plans for when he is released, and will he contribute to the community, or go back to his criminal life, upon his arrival to reality"? My dad does have a plan for when he returns home, which is to come back to Washington State, and pursue his passion in Culinary Arts by being a cook/chef at one of many local restaurants here in Vancouver, WA. Our family has unconditional love for my father, Rodrigo Martinez, and we respect that he has stayed strong for 14 years. Due to my fathers age, he will be 49 years old in March, he has a very unlikely chance of recidivism, which is the repeated relapse of crime after being released. But its not only his age that prevents my dad from recidivism, it is love for his two daughters, two grandchildren, his son, and his love for the rest of his family, that makes him want to come home because he has already lost so much time with us.

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