Clemency for Ronnie Raines

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Ronnie Raines is a 44-year-old beloved father of three. He was given a life sentence for conspiracy, which was reduced slightly to 30 years shortly after his incarceration. He has served 17 long years of this harsh sentence and will have to serve the remainder of that sentence unless granted clemency by President Donald Trump.

Ronnie is a high school graduate who attended college in Pittsburg Pa. After completing some college, he returned to Chicago because of lack of finances. He was able to find employment with a marketing firm where he worked as a manager of the mailroom. After three years with the firm, he was laid off. He lost his apartment shortly after the layoff and now had a family to support. He then made the worst decision of his life which was turning to the streets of Englewood Chicago to make fast money.

In 2001, Ronnie along with 10 others was indicted for a drug conspiracy. Ronnie was given a life sentence at the young age of 28. 

He fully accepts and understands what he did was wrong and has paid gravely for his mistakes. He has missed out on seeing his children grow up and recently his daughter’s college graduation and one of his son’s high school graduation. Since his incarceration, he has built a better relationship with God and has completed over 30 programs including obtaining his personal trainer certification. Over the last eight years, he has worked in the recreational department helping and teaching fitness classes for other prisoners.

Ronnie comes from a family of hard-working individuals he has a brother who is a decorated firefighter and another brother who owns his own tile company and has recently helped with relief work in Florida and Puerto Rico. Ronnie plans on working alongside his bother in the tile business and spend quality time with his children and the rest of his family. He also has hopes of giving back to others just like him.  

Please help us by supporting the sentence reform corrections act and signing this petition to get Ronnie who is a father, brother, son, uncle, grandson, and friend home to the people who love him and would all benefit from him being home.