Clemency for Adrianne Davis Miller serving 15 years for a NON-VIOLENT drug Conspiracy

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I am Adrianne Miller Register Number: 15437-002, currently incarcerated at FCI-Colman in Florida. I am seeking commutation of my 15-year sentence for a non-violent drug conspiracy.

I take full and complete responsibility for my choices and behaviors that led to my involvement in this conspiracy. Drug addiction has negatively affected every area of my life, those that love me and people I do not even know. I am guilty of being a drug addict and I am guilty of the choices that I made in terms of the people that I chose to associate with.

For a first time Federal offender my sentence is very harsh considering I was only doing it to feed my addiction. This experience has been the best thing that has ever happened to me in terms of opportunities to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally as a person. I know who I am now, and I love me!

Not only do I now understand the value of sobriety, but I also understand the cost of my physical freedom. I have taken this incarceration very seriously by utilizing this time to become active in my recovery from substance abuse and the issues that led up to that point in my life. I have completed many programs earning over 50 certificates ranging from self-improvement classes, drug education, business classes, faith-based classes, to extracurricular activities such as hobby craft and physical health awareness classes. I completed an 18-month faith-based program called "Life Connections Program" at FMC Carswell in Texas. I am currently a full time cosmetology student here at Coleman Camp in Florida and will be a licensed by May 2020!

I am paying my debt to society and feel I have learned this incarceration intended lessons. My life has been forever altered in the most positive way! I am blessed to have an amazing support system of family and friends that will help me make this transition to resume being a productive member of society. My family and I are praying that the justice system, President Trump, and Jared Kushner will have mercy on me and reduce my sentence so I can rejoin my family immediately.

Thank you for supporting me by signing this petition. God Bless you!